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These are the Randolph County properties listed in the National Register database.

Acme-McCrary properties latest to join local landmark list

Janet Imrick
Randolph Hub


ASHEBORO — Two former Acme-McCary buildings will join the list of local landmarks.


Ross Holt, landmark commission administrator with the Randolph County Historical Landmark Preservation Commission and county library director, presented the request at the March 9 Asheboro City Council meeting.


The request designated Parks Hosiery Mill/McCrary Hosiery Mill at 170 Church Street and the Asheboro Recreation Center on 148 North Street as Local Historic Landmarks.


"We all know the impact of Acme-McCrary on Asheboro," Holt told the council.


He went through a brief history of both buildings, which was compiled by Fearnbach History Services.


It reads, "Acme-McCrary Hosiery Mills is architecturally significant due to its collection of intact early- to mid- twentieth-century buildings that manifest the evolution of industrial design during the period." Six buildings and a smokestack make up what is now referred to as the Acme-McCrary Hosiery Mills.


"The Acme-McCrary Gym was legendary in the 20th century," Holt said. Then known as the Acme-McCrary-Sapona Recreation Center, it was built in 1949 and provides the public with a gymnasium, pool and office space.


The Parks Hosiery Mill/McCrary Hosiery Mill is currently being redeveloped into loft apartments. Hugh Parks built it in the 1920s. It was purchased by McCrary Hosiery Mills in 1931 and produced ladies' silk and rayon hose.


These buildings are also on the National Register of Historic Places, individually and as part of the Downtown Asheboro Historic District.


The Preservation Commission plans to request the Acme-McCrary Hosiery Mill recently purchased by the city be added to the list of local landmarks in the future.