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We are your neighbors. We are people who have a unique instinct to inform others. And we just can't shut off that valve because we're retired or on to other things. So we've formed our own newspaper organization to fill in gaps in our local communication network.

There are many sources for information out there, but we want to be one you can count on for information. We go to the source. We verify so you don't have to, organize material so you don't have to, bring stories to you so you don't have to look for them. 

It's what we've done for years and what we're doing again with this hyper-local weekly newspaper and this free website. We're bringing back many of the things you enjoyed reading in the heyday of newspapers. Community stuff. Local stuff. Stuff that matters. Stuff you can't find anywhere else, all in one place. And we even package and deliver what we find right into your mailbox.

We are from here. We live and play here. We KNOW here. We are you.

Randolph Countians, we heard you say this is something you want and the county needs. We put together a team of people you have trusted for decades to answer the call. It's now up to you to decide the fate of this project. 

If as a community you decide not to back what we're offering, at least no one can say we didn't give it our best shot. But we're hopeful and optimistic that you can't wait to see what comes next, and we will do what we can to make sure you don't regret that decision.


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