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Thomas Tessier was one of Nita Bobo's last customers at her Dorsett Avenue location.   Photo by Larry Penkava / Randolph Hub

After 44 years, Nita's Boutique is moving

ASHEBORO — After 44 years at 514 East Dorsett Avenue, Nita’s Boutique is moving.


Nita Bobo, who started the business when she was just 18 years old, said the building belongs to her but she rents the land it’s on. 


“The owner of the property … has asked (me) to relocate (the) business. At first, when I was told this news, I was devastated. I was trying to finalize all of the affairs that involved my husband Curt’s passing. Luckily, Curt and I had discussed this weeks before he passed and he told me he felt one day this would happen.


“But I hoped it would never come to this,” she said. “Now it has. After weeks of discussing with my family what to do, I looked at property to buy in the city and buildings to rent, but had no luck. So I know I had to do what Curt wanted me to do.”


What he wanted, apparently, was for her to relocate the building next to their home at 176 Sawyersville Road off US 64 several miles west of Asheboro. The shop will be across the road from Sawyersville Wesleyan Church.


“For months I have been getting ready to relocate with well and septic tanks, rezoning our land, becoming a contractor for the relocation, meetings, phone calls, permits, movers, brick masons and the list goes on,” Bobo wrote, detailing her reasons for moving. She also has a lengthy, more detailed post on the Nita’s Boutique Facebook page. 


The last day for Bobo and her mother, Judy Trogdon, was Sept. 22, but they plan to continue doing people’s hair temporarily next door on Dorsett Avenue at JK Hair Productions until their new site is ready.


Bobo, known for her extensive volunteerism and charity work, is a past winner of the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service as well as the Civitans Outstanding Volunteer Award. She also portrays Mrs. Santa Claus at various holiday events. So her list of friends is long.


“For 44 years, this has been home for (me) and (my) customers. “(I have) seen a lot of customers come and go, pass on, grow up and bring their family there also, sad and happy times. …” Bobo said. “The City of Asheboro has been wonderful to (me) for all these years but times do change. 


“(I have) been blessed to have been in only one location for all these years and never had to relocate.”


Bobo also had kind words for others during her ordeal. “Randolph County has been so helpful and welcoming to me during the process,” she said. “The community and my church, Sawyersville Wesleyan Church, have been great at keeping me in their thoughts and prayers.” 


She spoke about having to move her long-time business outside the city. “It’s been a long eight months, finding out what to do,” Bobo said. “But it’s over now and I can put my mind to rest. It’s been bittersweet. The best thing is I can still work. People say they’re afraid I will quit work but I can’t quit working.”


Finally, Bobo said, “Nita’s Boutique is not saying goodbye at 514 East Dorsett Avenue but hello to a new chapter in our life. We will always be here for our customers. So get ready because here we come at 176 Sawyersville Road.”