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Company officials were joined by area dignitaries at a 75th birthday celebration for Energizer.   Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce photo

Energizer celebrates 75 years in Asheboro

Casside Butler 

Asheboro/Randolph Chamber of Commerce


ASHEBORO — On Aug. 22, Energizer, a global leader in battery manufacturing, commemorated a momen-tous achievement — 75 successful years of business in the Asheboro community.  


The celebratory event unfolded at Plant 1, where Energizer’s legacy began. The highlight was a ribbon-cutting ceremony that marked not just the continuation of a journey, but a reaffirmation of Energizer’s commitment to excellence. 


Joined by elected officials, Energizer leadership and influential community figures, the event was a testament to the symbiotic relationship between Energizer and the Asheboro community. Through-out the day, attendees experienced a blend of reflection, anticipation and gratitude, symbolizing the profound impact Ener-gizer has had on the local economy.


Dignitaries including NC Sen. Dave Craven and Asheboro Mayor David Smith delivered insightful remarks, emphasizing the shared dedication between Energizer and the Asheboro community.


Addressing the attendees, Mark Lavigne, President and CEO of Energizer, said, “Our remarkable journey of 75 years has been a manifestation of three inter-twined commitments: The commitment of the company itself, the commitment of exceptional leadership and a supportive community, and the commitment we hold for our valued colleagues.” 


One of the event’s most remarkable moments was the presence of former Energizer colleagues, who shared their experiences and anecdotes from years gone by. Among them was Doris Allred, the very first colleague of Energizer, whose presence was met with admiration and applause. 


Beyond the ribbon-cutting, the event unfolded into a lunch and tour of Plant 1, providing attendees with insights into Energizer’s innovation and processes. During the event, attendees were also reminded of Energizer’s future plans to invest $43 million in expanded manufac-turing operations and jobs, reaffirming the company’s commitment to the growth and prosperity of the Asheboro community.  


The celebratory ribbon-cutting cere-mony served as a symbol of Energizer’s ongoing commitment to innovation, sus-tainability and a promising future woven with the threads of history and shared aspirations.