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Mike Eggers, technical services manager, stands in front of loading equipment for sterilizers and washers.

Sterilelink carves out a niche

ASHEBORO — Sterilelink’s move to Asheboro just may have been the result of “natural forces.” The company moved to Asheboro during the first quarter of 2021 after outgrowing its facilities on Forest Park Drive, just north of Randolph Memorial Park.

“Maybe Asheboro picked me,” said David Wright, Sterilelink president and co-founder. “Just from natural forces we kept moving south.”

Wright, whose father David Wright Sr. grew up near Franklinville, was raised in Greensboro but spent much time with his father’s family. For many years, his grandfather and uncles ran Wright’s Cedar Works on US 64 east of Asheboro.

Sterilelink bought the building that formerly housed The Courier-Tribune at 500 Sunset Avenue, Asheboro.

The younger David Wright has been in the medical equipment business for 30 years, starting as a technician in Charlotte and working with customers primarily in the eastern part of the state.

After he went to work for a hospital in Greensboro, he found that he “missed my customers in eastern North Carolina. I decided to give it a go on my own and called my former customers. They were glad to have me back and do business with me and Jason.”

Jason Harrington is the friend Wright called when he decided to go into business. They became partners and in 2005 formed Sterilelink, which sells and services surgical equipment, autoclaves (steam sterilizers), surgical tables and surgical lights. “They’re mainly items in the operating theater,” Wright said.

The pair began operations in Greensboro, moved south before arriving at a location on Forest Park Drive. Soon, however, that building was bursting at the seams and Wright began “a serious hunt for a new building.” 

He hooked up with realtor H.R. Gallimore, who facilitated the purchase of the former Courier-Tribune building at 500 Sunset Ave. “He thought we would be a good anchor for this corner of town,” said Wright.
The move also was more of a central point for Wright, who lives in Greensboro, and Harrington, an Albemarle resident. Plus, a number of Sterilelink’s 30 employees are from Randolph County.

Technician Ryan Carpenter tightens a fitting on a sterilizer.

“We purchased the building to turn it into something new,” Wright said. “It’s perfect for us. We’ve managed to carve out a niche for ourselves. Now we’re working on the building, giving it a facelift.”
Interestingly, Wright said a relative or two had worked in the building years ago when it housed retail stores.

Sterilelink, he said, is one of a very few companies in the field. “There’s nothing like us (anywhere in the region) in laboratory, life science and clinical” equipment services.

On the company’s website, www.sterilelink.com/about-us, you can find out more about its mission: “Sells, services, and provides installation of sterilization and decontamination equipment for hospitals, surgery centers and laboratories. Our rapid response time ensures that your equipment will continue to operate at its peak performance … regardless of the situation.

“Our factory trained technicians are certified to perform routine maintenance as well as specialized repair. Technicians check for signs of potential problems by thoroughly inspecting your equipment and verifying its performance, which leads to longer lasting and better running equipment. Combining attention to detail and high standards are what makes us the perfect choice for your facility.”

While currently selling US equipment, Wright wants to expand overseas. “I would like to develop European products for sale in the US,” he said. “Their much-different design would put us at a better advantage.”

A sterilizer like this one from the 1940s was used in the USS North Carolina.

That’s important to the firm, which is up against companies with 1,000 employees. Wright said they want to “take advantage of every opportunity.”

Sterilelink sells and services customers all over the Southeast and even into the Caribbean nation of St. Kitts, whose Ross University uses Sterilelink products and services.

According to Sterilelink's website, here is a partial list of sales options:

— Steam Sterilization Equipment.

— Decontamination Washers.

— Cart Washers.

— Ultrasonic Washers.

— Cage and Rack Washers.

— Warming Cabinets.

— Instrument Case Carts.

— Prep & Pack Tables.

— Scrub Sinks.

— OR Tables.

— Ice Machines.

— Shelving.

— Surgical Lights.

— Free On-site Consultation.