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The new construction at Talbert Building Supply has the old Hedgecock smokestack as its neighbor.    Larry Penkava/Randolph Hub

Talbert expanding, modernizing

ASHEBORO — Have you wondered why all those metal beams are reaching into the sky near Salisbury and Ross streets? They represent expansion of Talbert Building Supply at 251 Ross St.


Joe Cloutier, manager of the Asheboro location of Talbert, said the massive new building will eventually replace the familiar structure near the railroad tracks.  


Cloutier said the front section of the new building will display products for customers to choose from. The larger rear part will be the warehouse.


The footprint of the building will be on land the company has used to store lumber and other building products outside.


The existing store will eventually be removed and used for parking, Cloutier said, adding that it was built decades ago and needed substantial repairs.


The opening of the new building, he said, is expected sometime during the first quarter of 2025. The commercial area will be modernized to be more customer-friendly.


“My expectation is there will be more building during the next few years,” said Cloutier. “The company feels pretty confident in growth. Even with high-interest rates, people are trying to move into the area.”


That means more new homes, which means more construction and the need for building materials.


Talbert Building Supply traces its roots to the 1930s when Edd and J.D. Talbert began harvesting timber for a sawmill. After World War II, they began growing the Roxboro-based enterprise, eventually purchasing the former Hedgecock Builders Supply on Ross Street in 2015.


Talbert is open for business from 7 a.m.-4 p.m., Monday through Friday.