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Karolina Bordrova and her brother, Mark Bodrov, serve donuts and coffee from their father's trailer at 910 E. Dixie Drive.    Larry Penkava/Randolph Hub

Ukrainian donut shop moves to greener pastures

ASHEBORO — A donut and coffee trailer that struggled for a couple of years has found a new home with more business.


Slav Bodrov has moved his food truck from US 64 just east of Andrew Hunter Road to a much busier 910 E. Dixie Drive in Asheboro. The trailer, which has new signage, was towed to the new location on the Calderon Automotive car lot. Access is from Kenmore Street.


A Ukrainian with a successful bakery in Kiev, Bodrov and his wife Olga decided to leave their country in February 2022 during the war with Russia when bombs came too close to their family. The Mennonites were assisted in moving to America by members of their church and they eventually settled in Bear Creek. 


The Bodrovs have eight children — the last having been born in America — and needed a way to support them. Slav chose to sell donuts and coffee from a trailer beside the highway.


In mid-May, the trailer was moved to Dixie Drive and business has picked up, he said. “There’s more business, more traffic. We’re staying on friends’ property.”


Bodrov’s oldest daughter, Karolina, has waited on customers from the beginning. Recently, she was joined by her brother, Mark, inside the trailer.


“We like it much better here,” she said. “It’s much busier. And our customers are the best.”


One of those customers, Nellie Beck, said she had stopped by for the second time for their donuts. “They’re very good,” she said. “And they’re huge. I can nibble on one all day.”


Bodrov hinted that he’s making plans for a new venture. But, he wouldn’t divulge what it would be.


We’ll just have to wait and see. Watch this space.