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Caribbean cooking coming to Asheboro

ASHEBORO — If you can’t get to the Caribbean, the Caribbean will soon come to you. The Bun Hut in Downtown Asheboro plans to offer recipes from the islands with an Asian twist.

Kermit Raymond Mackey, also known as Chef Ray, is working to renovate the building at 132 Sunset Ave. into a Carribean-style eatery. It was formerly the home of Hamilton’s Steakhouse, which moved several months ago to 328 Sunset.

Chef Ray is quick to note that the building went from one Mackey (Dan of Hamilton’s) to another.

So, how did a man who grew up in Nassau, the Bahamas, wind up in Asheboro, NC? That answer and more will be coming soon with a complete story of The Bun Hut as it gets closer to its opening.