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Council approves hours for pools, Farmers Market

ASHEBORO – The City Council last week approved the normal hours of operation for the Downtown Farmers Market and the outdoor swimming pools.

Downtown Farmers Market

The normal days for the Downtown Farmers Market are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from May to October. Pre-market days are held the final two Saturdays of April. For 2023, the official opening day will be May 6 with pre-market days on April 22 and 29. However, if certain seasonal agricultural goods, such as strawberries, ripen early, the Market will forego the normal schedule and begin normal full-time operations on April 22.


Asheboro Swimming Pools 

The following 2023 schedule of operations for the Asheboro outdoor swimming pools. The Memorial Park and North Asheboro pools traditionally run on weekends from Memorial Day, then beginning the weekend after the last day of school the pools are open daily until the second Sunday of August.