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Photo by RhinoLeap

‘Every Brilliant Thing’

ASHEBORO – Beginning Sunday, Nov. 6, and continuing through every Sunday and Monday in November, RhinoLeap will present “Every Brilliant Thing.” The performances will take place from 7-8:30 each night. 


Performances are also scheduled for Fridays and Saturdays from Nov. 18-26 at STARworks in Star.


Tickets for either site can be purchased for $25 at RhinoLeap.com/live.


About the production

A single storyteller will take you through the story of a young boy who attempts to cure his mother’s depression by creating a list of the best things in the world. But when life deals a bitter blow, the list proves to be helpful to the son in ways that it could never be for the mother. 


Performed by a single actor, Every Brilliant Thing strikes a delicate balance between sobering loss and cathartic laughter as it explores the lengths we will go to for those we love.


The actor is Alexander Strain, who has been working as a critically acclaimed professional actor for over 17 years. “Every Brilliant Thing” is a unique theatrical experience that Alexander has performed over multiple years in multiple venues.


In 2014, he began graduate school in Forensic and Legal Psychology at Marymount University to strengthen career efforts in social justice, victim service advocacy and community education.


Seating is limited each performance, and the Nov. 6 performance is already sold out. Tickets for the other shows are $25 and tickets can be purchased at rhinoleap.com/live.


About mental health

The production carries with it a content warning that it contains direct conversations about suicide.


In that vein, RhinoLeap is partnering up with Asheboro Counseling and Wellness to facilitate conversations around “Every Brilliant Thing” and the need for greater mental health awareness in our communities.


Members of their staff will be attending every performance as a resource for anyone who would like to connect with professional counselors.


They will also be partnering with RhinoLeap as part of the City of Asheboro's Mental Health Awareness Week in May 2023, a new partnership for RhinoLeap.


For more information about RhinoLeap or its productions, call 336-963-3535.