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Mayor’s Fitness winners announced

ASHEBORO — The 2022 Mayor’s Fitness Challenge Results were revealed at a ceremony celebrating the event that spanned October and November in Randolph County. 

Participants — as individuals and as members of teams — were tasked with logging their number of steps throughout the defined period, through walks and hikes open to the public to personal running, walking and exercising of any sort (mowing, raking, etc.). In total, the 35 participants logged 18,602,580 steps or 9,301 miles — an average of 560,073 or 280 miles per participant. 

Also, 17 poeple took part in the Saturday Mayor’s Walks and Sunday Hikes.

RCS Superintendent’s Cup

Team Virtual Academy at Randolph 8,397,214 steps 16 524,826 average steps

Top Males

1. Cain Pugh Virtual Academy 1,113,660 steps

2. Micky Whitehead Individual 723,044 steps

3. Cayden Pugh Virtual Academy 671,880 steps

Top Females

1. Angie Bare Individual 2,536,960 steps

2. Mary Joan Pugh Trails Rock 857,162 steps

3. Nan Revell Trails Rock 856,715 steps

Top Teams

1. Virtual Academy (16) 8,397,214 steps

2. Takin Care of Fitness (6) 2,562,240 steps

3. Trails Rock (2) 1,713,877 steps

Teams with Highest Average per person

1. Trails Rock 856,939 steps per person

2. Virtual Academy at Randolph 524,826 steps per person

3. Takin Care of Fitness 427,040 steps per person

Mayor’s Walks and Sunday Hikes – 175 participants

Total Steps 18,602,580 steps or 9,301 miles

Total Participants 35

Average Steps per Participant 560,073 or 280 miles