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RSVP Community Theater announces cast for 'Rumors'

ASHEBORO — RSVP Community Theater has released its cast for its upcoming fall production of Neil Simon's comedy classic, "Rumors."


Directed by Jeremy Skidmore, RSVP Community Theater's rendition of "Rumors" features a talented ensemble cast of local actors, each bringing their unique flair and charisma to the stage.


The cast includes:


    Chris Scott as Ken Gorman: A charismatic and quick-witted lawyer.Kira Geiger as Chris Gorman: Ken's wife and a charming socialite.Philip Schuyler as Lenny Ganz: A witty and sharp-tongued accountant.Aubri Henley as Claire Ganz: Lenny's elegant and vivacious spouse.Elijah LaPrise as Ernie Cusack: A jovial and lovable psychiatrist.Alisa Smith McNeill as Cookie Cusack: Ernie's quirky and endearing wife.John Halsey as Glenn Cooper: A wealthy and charismatic politician.Alicia Kellum as Cassie Cooper: Glenn's glamorous and ambitious partner.Joel McClosky as Officer Welch: The befuddled law enforcement presence.Emily Williamson as Officer Pudney: Welch's earnest and somewhat clumsy partner.


Skidmore and Assistant Director/Stage Manager Jordan Willis are working to bring Neil Simon's farcical masterpiece to life with all the humor and chaos it deserves.


"Rumors" tells the story of a disastrous dinner party that takes a series of absurd and hilarious twists and turns. With an ensemble cast this talented and a script as witty as Neil Simon's, audiences are in for a night of laughter and unforgettable entertainment.


Tickets will go on sale in late September and can be purchased with credit cards at www.rsvptheatre.org or in person with cash or check at Brightside Gallery, 170 Worth St., Asheboro. Performance dates are Oct. 28-30 and Nov. 3-5 at the Sunset Theatre in downtown Asheboro.