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Cast set for next RSVP production

ASHEBORO – RSVP’s next play is around the corner.


Luigi Jannuzzi's “You Make My Frame Shake” is a series of interconnected comedy one-acts and monologues, set within the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. 


Paintings, sculptures and an eccentric-if-not-wacko group of museum employees all come to life, literally and figuratively.


RSVP will present its version over a pair of weekends, Feb. 24-26 and March 3-5, at Sunset Theatre in Asheboro.


Ticket information will be posted soon, but the cast is already in place.


Who you can expect to see and how:

* Brandon Almazan: Atlas; Fertility God; Security Guard

* Manashi C-lim: Cafeteria Worker; Fertility Goddess

* John Halsey: Claude Monet; Hercules; Giorgio; Aristotle; The Thinker

* Rebecca Leveille: Alice Hoschede; Customer; Fertility Goddess; Maes

* Shannon Leona Lowe: Sofia; Fertility Goddess; Diana; Young Roman Woman

* Meredith Thompson Mitchell: Tour Guide

* Philip James Schuyler: Poseidon; Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier; Chardin

* Alex Tolar: Lisa; Customer; Sphinx; Baby Maes

* Jessie Toney: Camille Monet; Maria; Cynthia

* Charlie White: Ernest Hoschede; Curator; Voice; Joe

* Lauren Wood: Marie Lavoisier

* Director: Alisa Smith McNeill

* Stage Manager: Tammy Willcox

* Props Goddess: Michele Dawes


Most actors will portray several different characters in the piece. Every one-act or monologue focuses on aspects of love — seen through the eyes of the people and the artwork that inhabit the museum.