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Field Day Fest Nov. 5 will feature a number of bands

Picture it: Your high school days in a rural town on a Saturday night. Where are you going? Chances are you piled into a car and rolled out to a random field to party with your friends.


Field Day Fest organizers want to recapture that feeling. They have the beer, the Linbrook Heritage Estate has the field and the bands are coming out to play. No need to head to SXSW or Woodstock: It’s happening here in Randolph County in what could turn out to be the largest single donation to the United Way of Randolph County.


Bands of every genre with fans from all over the country are going to be on the main stage and some local favorites on the hometown stage.


Money raised from ticket purchases will be given to the local nonprofits that serve the community and the people within it. The event itself has ensured disability accessibility.


Four Saints Brewing Company, United Way of Randolph County and the Heart of North Carolina are bringing these artists to you on Nov. 5 from 2-11 p.m. at the Linbrook Heritage Estate, 5297 Snyder Country Road, in Trinity.


Among them:

- Chatham Rabbits, a regional band that recently was the subject of a PBS television Series On the Road with Chatham Rabbits.

- Leilani Wolfgramm is a singer, songwriter and guitarist with Tongan roots from Orlando, Florida. Three years ago she started playing alongside her brothers, Zech and Nasur, in their reggae band, Hor!zen. Now a solo artist, Leilani tours all over the world and writes soulful yet joyous music which she will be performing acoustically on the field day fest stage.

- Native Nashvillian Tommy Prine is a singer-songwriter who captures the human experience through his lyrics and melodies. Drawing from personal experience, he touches on topics of loss, love, insecurities and finding significance in the seemingly insignificant. Son of the late John Prine, Tommy has an expansive catalog that includes some of his dad’s hits!

That’s a taste. Here’s the list:


— Buffalo Kings

— Tommy Prine

— Leilani Wolffgramm

— Chatham Rabbits


— Love and Valor

— Champagne and Cavlar

— Condado

— After the Ashes

Tickets range from $25-$50. Learn more at the event website: