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Online voting can help Asheboro duo Brittnee and Doyle Hinkle advance in national competition. This round’s voting period ends July 2.

The real nail-biting begins

ASHEBORO — It’s two rounds down and two to go for Brittnee and Doyle Hinkle.


The Christian music duo are entered into You, God’s Music Showcase, a national competition of artists. The Asheboro couple made it through the first round, finishing among the top 50 vote getters, and round two, winding up about five or six of the necessary top 25.


The next round is much more difficult, with just the top 5 qualifying to perform live at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in San Antonio. 


Rod Corder, who has been acting as their manager during the competition, said there is a $5 charge for votes cast during this round. That money is tax deductible since it goes toward charity. 


The final count will be determined by both voters (50 percent) and the judges (50 percent). Voting for this round continues through July 2.


Headlining the show will be the News Boys, a top Christian music group. Jason Crabb will host the event and judges will be other musicians — Jordan Smith, Jordan Feliz and Blanca.


The winning artists will record a single and do a video at the Nashville home of Michael Tait of the News Boys. There will also be a recording package and promotions for the winners.


To vote in the You, God’s Music Showcase, visit https://yougodsmusic.org/showcase, click on the menu and find the 2023 Showcase. The contestants should then pop up and you can watch videos of their music. Each contestant has a Vote Now! box to click on.