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Marie Hurley. Photo by G. Nicholas Hancock

Tim Moon’s Talent Showcase

This fall saw the return of a musical array of talents from students of Randolph County music instructor Tim Moon of Asheboro. 

Teaching at Evans Music Center for 35 years, Moon’s volume of students required two nights of performances to highlight the multitude of talent. 


First recital, Oct. 21

The first installment of Tim's Talent Showcase was held on Oct. 21 in the Sunset Theatre.


“I was met with a full house! Over 300 in attendance! Everyone did a wonderful job,” Moon proudly stated. “We started with long-time students and crowd favorites, The Shiloh Creek Girls, from Coleridge.”


The family band consists of mom, Lanette Gaines on bass with her daughters (ages 15-19): Katie on guitar, Kassie on banjo, and twins Karrie on fiddle and Kylie on mandolin. Performing five songs, a favorite was “There is a Time” from The Andy Griffith Show.


The evening continued with performances from Moon’s students, ranging from beginner to accomplished. With the teacher, mainly on guitar, and his son, Noah, primarily on bass and drums, the duo accompanied performers on stage for the entire three-hour event.


A recital participant for over 25 years, 84-year-old Charles Roper sang with Ricky Price and Robert Headen on bass for three gospel numbers. 


The show transitioned from eldest to youngest performer of the evening. Christian Bowman and his grandfather, Tyler Morgan, performed a Johnny Cash classic, “Folsom Prison Blues.”


“The amazing part is that Christian is seven and sang every verse from memory and did the guitar solo!” Moon said.


Then it was banjo time. Pastor Brian Wardlaw from Burlington picked two gospel numbers followed by Kaitlyn Lucas, who made her debut picking three tunes.


Moon noted, “She had nine lessons.”


Sophia Lucas, her sister, then played a piano solo.


Guitarist Tim Hayes took the stage next with his grandkids, Arthur on mandolin/guitar and Alexander on bass/guitar. The trio, assisted by the Moons on guitar and banjo, played four instrumentals.


Linda Zimmerman then joined the Tims (Hayes and Moon) on fiddle. Nolan moved to drums and Caleb Lucas added keyboard and performed two vocals.


From Randleman, Tobyn BeShears was featured on electric guitar with his dad, Scottie BeShears, on bass. The duo along with the Moons performed some rock and roll, playing AC/DC’s “Back in Black,” Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” and George Thoroughgood’s “Bad to the Bone.”


Midway through the evening, Asheboro Hybrid Middle School Band performed a set. Participants were: Emma Clark, Ella West and Tyler Kearns on guitars, Michael Browy and brothers Brennigan and Jacob Elia on drums, Addie Lewis and Josiah Kelly on keyboards, Jeremiah Thomas on ukulele, Meade Ainesworth on keyboard/violin, and Madison Spencer on keyboard/guitar. Hybrid High School Students Nolan Moon on bass and Caleb Lucas on guitar joined in on five familiar favorites.


Then 83-year-old Roy Henley from Candor played three hymns, followed by an instrumental featuring Nolan Moon on mandolin. Alanna Cheek then played violin and sang. Next, Savanah Graveley joined in to sing, “When You Say Nothing at All.”


From High Falls, the Purvis Girls picked three bluegrass instrumentals. Mom Jennifer was on mandolin and daughter Kathryn was on fiddle. Then brother and sister Jack on guitar and Emma McCarthur on fiddle played two tunes plus sang a couple.


From Graham, Vera Bingman picked banjo with her grandson, Caleb Hanson, on mandolin. 


“He came in from Missouri to perform,” Moon noted.


They were followed by Brandon Shepherd on electric guitar playing Brooks & Dunn’s “Neon Moon” and “Boot Scootin' Boogie” and Roy Orbison's “Pretty Woman.”


Wrapping up the first night of talent was Asheboro Hybrid School's High School Band, featuring Savanah Graveley on guitar/vocals, Austin Elia and Nolan Moon on drums, Johnny Gullian and Nolan on bass, Caleb Lucas on keyboard/guitar, Alana Cheek on violin/vocals, and Amy Gay on keyboard. They closed out the evening with a full set of songs.


Moon concluded, “Special Thanks to the City of Asheboro, Taylor Crawford who helped with set up, and my wife, Amy, who directed the show backstage.”


Second recital, Nov. 18

Moon’s second recital was held on Nov 18 in Sunset Theatre.


“Again, the theater was nearly full so we started the show a little early as both those in the audience and those performing were ready to go,” Moon reflected.


Siblings Jack and Emma McCarthur on guitar and fiddle, respectfully, started the evening. Then Jo Burgess played two hymns on guitar.


The Taylor sisters, Cheyenne on vocals and Sierra on mandolin, performed next. They were followed by 84-year-old Marie Hurley from Pisgah on dobro with Sam Routh on bass and his wife, Charlotte, on mandolin.


Returning was Tyler Morgan and grandson Christian Bowman on acoustic guitars, featuring the seven-year old singing “Folsom Prison Blues.”


Moon noted, “This was a huge hit at the first show and the crowd asked to see him again. I call him ‘Johnny Cash after taxes’ as he is a pint-sized Man in Black!”


Alana Cheek and Savanah Graveley sang. Then Cheek played violin with Caleb Lucas on keyboard and Johnny Guillon on bass. Grace Snipes played a couple tunes on guitar with grandfather Todd Swaney accompanying her on bass. Then Drake Dunn fiddled two songs after only six lessons, followed by Tobyn BeShears on electric guitar. 


Moon then featured his 15-year-old son. “Nolan, who plays 11 different instruments, is usually on stage helping his dad as a utility man, doing back-up work. He got a chance to shine on the mandolin.” 


The father-son duo played two tunes, one bluegrass, one jazz. Following in his dad’s footsteps, the straight-A high school student teaches part-time at Evans Music Center in Asheboro.


After only four lessons, the Strider sisters from Bennett featuring Blair on mandolin and Kate on guitar performed. Then Anna Shelton, Moon’s co-worker at Evans Music, picked banjo.


“Anna had only been taking lessons since this summer,” her teacher said.


Tim Hayes returned with his grandsons, Arthur on mandolin/fiddle and guitar and Alexander on guitar/bass, to perform four songs. Then it was piano time with the Skeen sisters, Phillips and Anna Kathryn, each playing some Christmas classics. They were followed by 10-year-old banjo-picker Jackson Sedberry from Candor. 


“He was quite the entertainer,” Moon said. “He would shake his banjo after each part of the solos on ‘Dueling Banjos’ and the crowd loved it!”


Liam Tysinger played guitar. “Liam really shined on the guitar after only starting lessons this summer,” Moon said.


Then Kaitlyn Lucas took the stage with her new instrument.


“She played banjo in the October Show. She just got a Martin Guitar for her birthday and had three lessons and played guitar in the November show,” Moon said.


Next, the Asheboro Hybrid Middle School returned featuring Tyler Kearns, Emma Clark and Ella West on guitars; Addie Lewis and Josiah Kelly on keyboards; Meade Ainsworth on violin/keyboard; Madison Spencer on guitar/keyboard; Mikey Browy, Brenigan and Jacob Elia on drums; and Jeremiah Thomas on ukelele, with high schoolers Noah Moon, Caleb Lucas and Johnny Gullion assisting.


Todd Swaney picked a banjo solo and then played a banjo duet — “Home Sweet Home” — with his instructor. 


“Todd was in Drop D Tune and twisting the pegs while I played in Earl Scruggs’ other style of same tune in Drop C on 4th string and capoing at second fret to be in D tuning. The crowd could hear both ways Earl recorded that tune at the same time,” Moon said.


Will Fox, 15, then played violin.   


“Will has been with me for over four years,” Moon said. “and played some outstanding fiddle tunes.” 


“Next was Tex,” Moon said. “Yes, that's all he tells us. I'm Tex on the guitar. He’s an older lively adult who is not shy and belts out gospel.”


Then came Seth Sayers and family. Dad was on guitar/vocals with son Skylar on dobro and daughters Brea on fiddle/vocals and Macia on mandolin.  


Last was Asheboro’s Hybrid High School Band featuring Mason Smith on saxophone, Austin Elia on drums, Luke Charles on guitar, Alana Cheek on vocals/violin, Amy Gay on keyboard, Johnny Gullion on bass, Savanah Graveley on vocals/guitar, Nolan Moon on drums/bass and Caleb Lucas on guitar/keyboard with Instructor Moon on guitar. 


“We closed out with recognition to all veterans there, having them stand for our applause and thanks. Our last song was ‘This is Amazing Grace,’ an upbeat and thankful song! Another successful show, to GOD BE THE GLORY!” Moon concluded.


Interested in music lessons? Contact Evans Music Center 336-629-4666 or Tim Moon 336-625-7937.