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Trade Street is an unattractive one-block alley parallel with Sunset Avenue. Plans are to beautify the street and make it more pedestrian-friendly.    Larry Penkava/Randolph Hub

City answers questions about Trade Street project

ASHEBORO — The Trade Street project was the subject of a public workshop at the Asheboro Recreation Center on Nov. 13. City staff and representatives of The Wooten Company were on hand to answer questions concerning the proposed project to beautify Trade Street, a one-block alley parallel with Sunset Avenue, and make it more pedestrian-friendly. 


Those in attendance were also given hand-outs that answered frequently asked questions about Trade Street.


The City of Asheboro received an appropriation of $1.5 million from the NC Legislature’s 2021-22 budget specifically for Trade Street. The project has grown to include the portion of North Street from Trade Street to Sunset Avenue.


During the workshop, several maps were on display to show preliminary plans for the project. The maps showed the proposed changes to the street and an artist’s concept of what it could look like after the work is complete.


The city had come to realize that the end of the useful life of many of the underground utilities is approaching. It was recommended that the underground lines be replaced along with burying overhead power lines. That effort would continue on the section of North Street from Trade to Sunset. The new streetscape would be consistent with other areas of downtown.


After the utility work is completed, the project would remove and replace the roadway and sidewalks. Curved islands, some with vegetation, would be added at four locations to slow vehicular traffic on Trade Street. Parking would be limited to vehicles delivering to the shops and restaurants facing Sunset Avenue.


Construction is expected to begin sometime in the summer of 2024 and should require 8-10 months to finish. No change would be made in the direction of travel on either Trade or North streets.


During construction, thru-traffic would be restricted at various times. The city would work with utility companies and construction teams to ensure a reasonable level of access to properties affected by the closure.


There would likely be temporary disconnection of utility services to buildings on the street. Those affected would be given advance notice. Construction would be timed to minimize limited access to the area.


A large garbage bin on Trade Street would be replaced by dumpsters at a site on Fayetteville Street next to Walker Realty. That location would also have 10 parking spaces. 


The expected order of construction is as follows:

— Replacement of underground water and sewer mains.

— Third party utility undergrounding.

— Replacement of storm drainage.

— Conduit and foundations for streetlights installed.

— New concrete curbing and streetlights installed.

— New concrete sidewalks constructed.

— Streets resurfaced with new asphalt.

— Landscaping and signage installed.

— Decorative stamping of crosswalks and road striping applied.


Public input on the project can be sent to the city by emailing tnuttall@ci.asheboro.nc.us or by calling 336-626-1201, ext. 2323. Stay informed about the project by emailing to the above address to get added to the distribution list.


The project staff is expected to update the Asheboro City Council at its Dec. 7 meeting. The update will include the status of the project and the results of the community workshop.