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City Council discusses alcohol at Sunset Theatre

Janet Imrick

Randolph Hub


ASHEBORO – At the March 9 Asheboro City Council meeting, Mayor David Smith asked the city to ask other cities how they have managed alcohol sales at their theaters, before considering sales at certain Sunset Theatre events. He told councilmembers that he's gotten requests to sell alcoholic beverages and how this could be tied to the Zoo City social district. 


Smith said that all options are on the table at this time.


-Ronnie Pugh was granted approval to rezone his residential property on 133 Southway Road, across from McCrary Ballpark, to Office and Institutional Conditional Zoning (O&I CZ), so that he can conduct office work and build storage space.


-Asheboro Police Captain Byron Hill and N.C. Wildlife Enforcement Officer Darrell Johnson shared strategies on deer deterrence, specifically in the Dave's Mountain community. They proposed scheduling a meeting if the residents are interested. They also told city council about other communities, including Randleman, that have allowed an archery hunting season after the regular deer season. Smith recommended getting the number of deer kills to see if it made a substantial difference in those communities.


-Community Development Director Trevor Nuttall gave an update on turning the Parkway South Townhomes division's private streets to public streets. They will be named Parkway South Street and Easy Street and will be maintained by the city. City attorney Jeff Suggs will draw up a resolution for a later meeting.


-Chief Enforcement Officer Chuck Garner presented the annual code enforcement report.


-The McCrary Ballpark Fund received $300,000 for miscellaneous expenses. The Airport Improvement Fund was allotted $350,000 to cover any delays in grant payments. The Sidewalk Improvements Fund established in 2022 was closed. $431,000 was allotted to the Cultural and Recreation Division, to go towards salaries, programs at the Sunset Theatre, repairs to the North Asheboro Pool, and the repaving of the City Hall parking lot.


-City Manager John Ogburn shared photos of some artwork that was donated by the NC Zoo to be placed around the downtown area, including the library.