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Decision time: It's up to you

As another election season ends, hopefully that means more consistent service will resume for Post Office deliveries of weekly Randolph Hubs.


I know we’ve had some frustrating times lately, largely due to the volume of election flyers and pamphlets clogging up the postal system, but before that, delivery went remarkably well overall.


That said, there could be a period coming up when many readers might not be getting their papers, but it will have nothing to do with postal delivery.


We’re in our first renewal period after completing the first year in September. Many took advantage of our opportunities to self-renew. Many others have returned their renewal cards and re-upped for another year.


Other readers have not done either.


If you started your subscription from September through December of 2021 and were supposed to receive a renewal card, the last of those were mailed out on Monday.


Those who started in December have until a specified date in January to renew. Those who began in November have until sometime in December.


But for those beginning in September or October, your deadline is fast approaching.


For some, it says Nov. 15 on your card, but I have extended the deadline for all of September and October subscribers to Friday, Dec. 2. After that, I will drop non-responders from the rolls.


I have been so grateful for the positive and overwhelming start that I’ve done what I could as a thank you. I started the second go-round with a period of letting anyone renew at last year’s rate. Then I stretched renewal times to well past normal end times. And finally, I’m extending the drop-dead date till Dec. 2.


But at some point I have to make a call. So if you don’t receive your Hub on Dec. 7 and you were supposed to renew by Dec. 2 and didn’t, that’s why.


If you don’t want to renew, you don’t have to do anything, of course. And I thank you for helping get us off the ground.


If you do want to continue service uninterrupted, please return those cards by the appropriate date. I’m looking forward to spending another year with you.


    Ray Criscoe is publisher and editor of Randolph Hub.