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Duplexes get OK on Old Liberty Road

ASHEBORO — After some discussion and neighbor concerns, the Asheboro City Council approved a rezoning request for properties at 1419 and 1425 Old Liberty Road to allow single- and two-family dwellings.


Christian Vestal, the owner and applicant, requested the rezoning to allow two duplexes with a total living space of 870 square feet for each unit.


Neighbors, however, expressed concerns about traffic and water runoff caused by the development during the Feb. 8 council meeting.


“Our whole community is family homes,” Sylvia Smith said. “I’ve lived there 59 years. The last thing I want to do is get up and look out my window at a bunch of duplexes. I don’t believe this is the correct area for it.”


Donna Hughes said, “I’ve been there close to 50 years myself. I’m concerned with the extra parking. When he puts that two-apartment building in there, it’s going to come back toward my property. There’s going to be a runoff. He’s going to have to build it up.”


Kenneth Davis had questions about the project: How will their property be impacted by water flowing through the culvert? How will trash pickup work at the units? Altogether or individual stops? Will there be requirements for buffering along the property line to reduce noise or to prevent water from flowing onto their property, which is directly downhill?


Susan Richards was not a neighbor but had concerns about this and similar projects. “Knowing your neighbors is huge. Recognizing that development is coming; we need housing without a doubt. What would make it safe for the communities? What would make it safe for the tenants? What would make it safe for the waterflow?


“That’s a lot of people. Not to say that it’s not right, that it can’t be done, but how do you do it?


“Moving forward, it’s not about this property or this project. As a citizen of Randolph County, it’s about traffic in general.”


Mayor David Smith said that parking comes up in every rezoning request. “We talk about this just about every time we rezone something, about where are the guests going to park. It’s a problem when they start parking in the grass.”


But he recognized the need for providing homes for a growing population. “$30 billion (he said of the investment being made in the region by Toyota, Wolfspeed, Boom and Vinfast). I want to put that in perspective. The total (property valuation) for Randolph County is $15.5 billion. All this investment is going to double that. We’ve got some real growing pains, some big issues.


“There’s no reason to think a couple of maintained duplexes with the right people wouldn’t work in this neighborhood. My concern is always the parking.”


Vestal said he would double the number of parking spaces in his plans for the duplexes. With that, the council voted unanimously to approve the request.