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Funds approved for Seagrove wastewater treatment plant design

ASHEBORO — Plans to expand the Seagrove wastewater treatment plant moved forward Dec. 4 when the county commissioners approved the expenditure of $394,500 to LKC Engineering.


Paxton Arthurs, county engineer, recommended the appropriation of federal ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) funds for the design, bidding and construction administration.


Arthurs explained that the commissioners had awarded LKC a contract to design the expansion of the Seagrove plant in 2022. But later that year, the scope of the project was changed to a pump station and force main that directed the flow to Asheboro.


It was believed then that by taking the flow of the Seagrove system and taking other measures, the Seagrove sewer system would meet the ongoing needs of the area.


However, it’s been found that the plant has registered monthly flow averages in excess of the permitted capacity.


Although flows are expected to decrease when the Uwharrie Charter pump station is completed, there remain concerns that the capacity won’t be enough to provide for multiple upcoming projects.


Arthurs said that to address the needs, he asked LKC to design a new package plant to replace the existing system at the old Luck’s plant. He had graphics to show the expected flows from various users.


By subtracting the going to Asheboro, the total needs exceed 72,000 gallons per day for the Seagrove system. 


The proposal is for 90,000 gallons per day capacity, including a future truck stop on Little River Road (13,000 gpd), development along NC 705 (18,000 gpd) and additional property (10,000 gpd).


The commissioners approved the $394,500 to LKC for the design. Arthurs provided estimates for the project — including construction, equipment and contingency — totaling $3,356,200.


In order to use ARPA funds, the project must be encumbered by 2024 and spent by 2026. Arthurs said he believed they could meet that schedule.