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Local election results

In Republican-heavy Randolph County, Election season races that see the most surprises are typically in-party battles during the Primary. In the general election, few surprises emerge.


Such was the case again in the 2022 mid-term election for local races.


Republican Dave Craven repeated as the county’s primary state senator while Republicans Brian Biggs and Neal Jackson take over as the county’s primary NC House representatives. Biggs defeated long-time Rep. Pat Hurley in the primary while Jackson replaces the retiring Allen McNeill.


Republican Greg Seabolt continues as Randolph County Sheriff and Republican Hope Haywood will keep her seat in the only contested County Commissioner race.


In the Randolph County Schools Board of Education race, Shannon Whitaker, Philip Lanier and Fred Burgess were the top three vote-getters, with Burgess edging out David Carter by 267 votes for the third and final open seat.


Most municipal elections in the county are held in off-years, but Archdale did hold its elections this year. Mayor Lewis Dorsett and councilmen Larry Warlick and John Glass ran unopposed. In the only contested race, Kelly Grooms collected 54 percent of the vote to take the at-large seat over Lorie Mabe-McCroskey.

Below is a look at the vote totals in all the local races:


Contested races

NC SENATE Dist. 29

David (Dave) Craven, Jr., REP — 26,177 (81.29%)

Brooke Crump, DEM — 6,025 (18.71%)


NC HOUSE Dist. 70

Brian Biggs, REP — 22,091 (79.17%)

Susan Lee (Susie) Scott, DEM — 5,814 (20.83%)


NC HOUSE Dist. 78

Neal Jackson, REP — 14,736 (84.97%)

Erik Davis, DEM — 2,606 (15.03%)

County Commissioner, District 4

Hope Haywood, REP — 38,411 (81.54%)

Kimberly Walker, DEM — 8,698 (18.46%)



Greg Seabolt, REP — 38,813 (82.35%)

Sean Walker, DEM — 8,320 (17.65%)


Randolph County SCHOOLS BOARD OF EDUCATION (3 seats)

Shannon Craven Whitaker, 24,131 (26.45%)

Phillip Lanier, 21,915 (24.02%)

Fred Burgess, 20,157 (22.09%)

David Carter, 18,990 (20.81%)

Kurt Melvin, 5,648 (6.19%)



Kelly Grooms, 1,922 (54.62%)

Lorie Mabe-McCroskey, 1,586 (45.07%)



Brian Ward, 32,417 (54.13%)

Carrie Guess-Slatosky, 26,866 (44.86%)


Uncontested races

Rep. Taylor Browne won the NC Superior Court Judge Dist. 19B Seat 2 race. (41,600 votes)

Rep. Sarah Neely Lanier won the NC District Court Judge Dist. 19B Seat 1 race (41,571)

Rep. Darren Allen won the NC District Court Judge Dist. 19B Seat 3 race  (41,107 votes)

Rep. Scott Etheridge won the NC District Court Judge Dist. 19B Seat 4 race  (41,049 votes)

Rep. Darrell Frye won the County Commissioner Dist. 2 race (41,056 votes)

Rep. David Allen won the County Commissioner Dist. 3 race (40,991 votes)

Rep. Pam Hill won the Randolph County Clerk of Superior Court race (41,983 votes)

Rep. Krista Lowe won the Register of Deeds race (41,558)

Lewis Dorsett was re-elected Mayor or Archdale (3,077 votes)

Larry Warlick won the Archdale City Council Ward 1 seat (2,922 votes)

John Glass won the Archdale City Council Ward 4 seat (2,931 votes)