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Some surprises in municipal elections

Less than 4,000 out of nearly 32,000 eligible voters, or 12.35 percent, cast ballots in the Nov. 2 Randolph County municipal and Asheboro City Schools Board of Education elections. 

The results posted on the Randolph County Board of Elections website are unofficial, awaiting about a dozen absentee ballots and determination of provisional ballots. The elections board will meet Tuesday morning to come up with the final totals, according to Melissa Johnson, director of the Board of Elections.


Mayor: Incumbent David Smith was unopposed and received 1,487, or 95.44 percent, of the votes, with 71 write-ins. 

City Council: incumbents Walker Moffitt (1,325 votes) and Clark Bell (1,286) won re-election with Bill McCaskill (946) and Kelly Heath (944) coming in third and fourth, respectively, to gain seats on the board. Incumbent Katie Snuggs (917) lost her seat and Delilah Perkins Warner (530) completed the total.

Asheboro City Board of Education: Incumbents Beth Knott (1,677 votes) and Baxter Hammer (1,631) won re-election, with newcomers Hailey Trollinger Lee (1,449) and Adam Hurley (1,374) gaining the other two vacant seats. Others on the ballot were Kathryn Thill (972), Todd Dulaney (671) and Bob Williams (540).


Mayor: With absentee ballots still to be counted, Mayor Perry Conner remained one vote behind challenger A.C. Hurley.

Town Commission: Richard Goodwin (55 votes) and Brandon Hurley (55) retained their seats on the board, joined by newcomer Billy Farias (41). Also on the ballot were Michael Johnston (37), Craig Smith (34) and Ricky Collins (10).


Mayor: Filmore York was unopposed for re-election, winning 162 votes to 9 write-ins. 

Town Council: Incumbents Larry Coble (143) and Tyson Nixon (136) won re-election, with Terry Caviness (116) taking the seat of incumbent Chris Compton (95).


Board of Commissioners: Diana Brower (47 votes) and Joy Hooker (27) earned the two vacant seats while Wayne Carroll had 23 votes.


Mayor: Former alderman Gary Betts ran unopposed for mayor, receiving 184 votes to 16 write-ins. He’ll succeed Bucky Jernigan.

Board of Aldermen, Ward 2: Melissa Blalock (121) won re-election in Ward 2 over Craig Wayn Hancock (97).

Board of Aldermen, Ward 3: Nancy Henderson (188) ran unopposed for re-election.


Mayor: David Fernandez (27 votes) ran unopposed for re-election.

Town Commission: Incumbent Ed Walker (24 votes) and Sandra Walker (16) were elected to the two vacant seats.


Mayor: Karen Scotton (22 votes) ran unopposed for re-election. 

Town Commission: All incumbents ran unopposed for re-election, including Lori Lynn Langley-Hankins (26), Renee Harrelson (25), Faye Johnson (23), Janet Langley Lambert (23) and Steve Rollins (22).


Mayor: Incumbent Richard McNabb (451) held off challenger Vickee’ Armstrong (193) for re-election. 

City Council, Ward 2: Ed Lohr (372) defeated Ward 2 incumbent Steve Lawing (277).

City Council, Ward 4: Incumbent Don Payne (41 votes) lost his Ward 4 seat to Robbie Walker (340). Others on the Ward 4 ballot were Darian Campbell (266) and Felix Forbes (12).