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George Harrison – not the 'Beatles guy – checks lenses on two cameras he had set up on Sunset Avenue.   Photo by Larry Penkava / Randolph Hub

George Harrison spotted in downtown Asheboro

ASHEBORO — He was a noticeable figure on Sunset Avenue last Thursday, and not because he’s George Harrison. He had two cameras atop a tripod taking photos.


Asked what he was doing, Harrison said he was testing two camera lenses. He was even taking notes of his findings.


Harrison worked for 39 years as a cameraman for News2, so it wasn’t surprising to see him with not one but two cameras. He explained his experimentation simply: “I’m just curious.”


After retiring from TV in 2015, Harrison said he’s often asked why he didn’t go for 40 years. He answers that “39 sounds better. It rolls off your tongue.”


Harrison said he posts some of his photos on Youtube and Facebook under George E. Harrison. 


“If I was just George Harrison, people would be getting that Beatles guy.”