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Ricky Price mans his fireworks location at North McCrary and Perry streets, near McCrary Park.   Larry Penkava/Randolph Hub

Just doing their job during the firewords

ASHEBORO — Some people watch the July 4th fireworks from the stands at McCrary Park. Others gather along I-73/74 or at preferred streets in town. Some are lucky enough to be able to watch from their homes.


Then there are the guys and gals who stand watch for hours along the blocks leading to and from the ballpark. They’re employees of the City of Asheboro whose duty is to see that traffic flows safely before and after the fireworks.


Standing alone at the intersection of North McCrary and Perry streets, Ricky Price was keeping a lane open for vehicles to get in and out. He was also “keep(ing) the road clean so emergency vehicles can get in and out in case something happens.”


Asked if he ever gets lonely standing by himself, Price was quick to say “No. People speak when they go by and I’m pretty outgoing.”


Price wasn’t sure how many city workers were out keeping the streets safe but thought it could be about 20. They were stationed at various locations from Mountain Road, Chapel Gate, Southway Road, North McCrary Street and Wilson Street. Some were at their stations a couple of hours before the Zookeepers baseball game and would be on duty until all the traffic had thinned out after the fireworks.


“We park them in here pretty good,” Price said. “They know the fireworks are coming.”


Behind him was a folding chair with a softdrink in the holder. He said he preferred the spot at Perry Street after having been stationed at the fireworks area in years past. He said that area was way too loud.


Most folks would prefer a seat in the stands to watch the annual display. But Price has a different outlook. 


“Even if they didn’t pay me I might come out,” he said. “I like being out here. It’s neat to see somebody happy. With all the bad things in the world, if you can see somebody smile and nobody’s getting hurt or made fun of. It’s worth it to me to come out and have fun and see others laugh and have a good time.


“I think it’s what it should all be about. It’s all good.”