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Finished bats hang before being engraved with the MasTac logo.    Eric Abernathy / Randolph Hub

MasTac Bat Co.

RANDLEMAN - For those who love the sport of baseball, staying associated with the game for as long as possible is always a goal. From being a player, a coach, a member of a front office staff or in dozens of other areas, baseball offers a multitude of ways to remain in the game for quite a long time.


Randleman’s Matt White has found his way and he’s turned that into quite a successful business venture.


White, a 23-year Army veteran who has been a part of the highly-successful Randleman High School baseball program, used his love for baseball and knowledge of the game to create the MasTac Bat Co., a company that provides Pro-Quality bats to all levels of players.


In less than three years, MasTac received the seal of approval from Major League Baseball and it won’t be long before MasTac bats will be seen in MLB ballparks.


“It was very emotional,” said White about receiving the letter in January. “Being a baseball coach you are consistently saying hard work is always going to pay off. This proved that hard work does pay off. I teared up and was very excited at the same time.”


It didn’t take very long for MasTac to reach that level. Founded in March of 2020, White said he, his son Gage, Mike Ethier and Paul Brannon began the business in part to provide high-quality bats to all levels of players and find something that would allow them to stay in baseball for years to come.


“I was working at the high school with EC kids when Covid hit and we did all the classes online,” White said. “We got to talking and Gage was hoping to get back into baseball, but he had some surgeries and it just wasn’t going to happen. I really don’t know where this realistically evolved. I watched some vid

eos and told him let’s get into this. We bought a small lathe and the next thing we know, it really took off.”

White is a retired US Army Combat Veteran who served with the 82nd Airborne. It is through this experience that he came up with MasTac, the name of his company. MasTac is short for Mass Tactical Airborne Operation.  


It wasn’t long before Travel Ball organizations like the South Charlotte Panthers, Five Star Carolina, Gate City Titans and WOW Factor Coastal took notice. 


“It’s way more than I thought it was going to be for sure,” White said. 


“Randolph County has some of the best baseball in the state. Luke Thomas, Tyler Parks, Brody Gardner, the Randleman players, as they played their Showcase stuff, people would see the bats and wonder where they got them from.” 


All bats are made from 100 percent professional-grade maple and there are many modifications that can be made for each bat. Size, weight, color, thickness of the knob and styles of the handle are just a few areas that are tailored to the individual need.


From start to finish, bats usually take approximately 10 days to complete. While seeing his business strive locally, White spent last week in Florida talking to MLB teams at Spring Training. 


“We reached out to teams ahead of schedule with the equipment guys and we would set up by the batting cages,” White said. “Pro players are so specific about bats.”


The Tampa Bay Rays put in an order for 175 bats.


Now White, who has moved the business to his home, has some big ideas.


“I’m looking to open a storefront and have a hitting lab,” White said. “I want to bring the same knowledge for what the pros use with baseball bats and match that perfect bat with that young player.”


Helping youth players reach a high level while putting their name out to MLB teams. Looks like this can last for quite awhile.