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Mr. Movie: The best of 2023

I have hesitated to do this article this year, simply because I have not seen four of the films nominated as Best Picture by the Academy. 


The awards are March 10, which seems a little later than usual. 


Last year was the year that Netflix stopped sending out DVDs, and that cut into my ability to watch everything. I’ll get to the other four eventually but won’t wedge them into this list.


Some readers say Mr. Movie is too mainstream; others that he is too quirky. Well, this list has something for everyone.


One thing of note: There are two 10s this year and that’s unusual. Back in the early 2000s, there sometimes were three 10s. Maybe Mr. Movie is even more of a curmudgeon now? 


Well, the two 10s are both Best Movie nominees and I guess joining the crowd praising Oppenheimer is very mainstream. I think it is a certifiable classic that will be around for a long time.


But enough chit chat. Here are what I thought were the 15 best from last year (with my grade of 1 to 10 in parenthesis).


            1 — Oppenheimer (10)

            2 — The Holdovers (10)

            3 — Covenant (9)

            4 — It Ain’t Over ()

            5 — Air (8)

            6 — Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret (8)

            7 — Still (8)

            8 — Society of the Snow (8)

            9 — Judy Blume Forever (8)

            10 — Maestro (8)

            11 — Killers of the Flower Moon (8)

            12 — The Killer (8)

            13 — Golda (8)

            14 — Nyad (8)

            15 — Sharper (8)


So where is Barbie? Out of the running with a 7.


Many of these will appear in future articles as 2023 sleepers. Stay tuned!