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The story behind Randolph Hub’s email account

This is a short story about what panic looks like.
Early in the process of putting a project like this together, picking a name is paramount, of course. There was talk with friends about just reviving The Randolph Guide, to take advantage of the positive vibes associated with an organization that existed in these parts for the better part of six decades (from until it was closed by its parent company on Jan. xx, 2015).
But I liked the name Hub, just for its very definition: A center of activity. That’s what I wanted this project to become.
Plus, I already owned the domain name Randolph Hub, having been paying on it since my brief Asheboro Hub experiment in 2015. So there was that.
Finally making that decision, I needed an email account to get started, so naturally I went to establish a Google account.
Click enter.
Already taken.
Had someone heard what I was going to do and usurped that account? 
Oh, well. Take a deep breath. I’ve used Hotmail all my life with few problems. So, RandolphHub@hotmail.com. Click enter.
Already taken.
Now I am in full-blown panic mode. How can that be?
So I look up randolphhub@gmail.com to see who in Randolph County is hoarding it.
Turns out there’s a 43-year-old guy in Biloxi, Mississippi, whose name is Randolph Hubbard. He uses Randolph Hub in his email and had set up accounts in both Google and Hotmail. Oh, c’mon!
Sigh. Just another lesson in the categories of a) not jumping to conclusions, b) it’s a small world, c) that’s just my luck and d) you can’t mnake this stuff up.
So I looked up the next most popular email and chose the biggest riser, Outlook. Thus, you can send press releases, letters, etc., to me at randolphhub@outlook.com..
I guess I should be happy that Randolph Hubbard of Biloxi, Mississippi, didn’t clear out the spectrum of email choices.
Perhaps someday he’ll decide he needs a third email. Maybe he will type in RandolphHub@outlook.com and click enter.