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Yays and Boos!

Some papers have Cheers and Jeers or Bricks and Bouquets. Let’s be a little less aggressive and go with Yays and Boos.

Yay! For this possible new trend in drive-thrus. Twice in the past week, I’ve pulled up to a window only to be told the car ahead of me paid for me. In one case, it was two young black females who did so at Dairy Queen; in another, it was a young white female at McDonald’s. All looked to be in their late teens to early 20s. We continued paying it backward at DQ and stopped and thanked the young ladies there. After the Mickey D’s episode, I ended up passing the young lady on 64 and exchanged a big thumb’s up out the window for a smile. Is that a trend from the younger generation? That would be a nice thought. 
SIDE NOTE: In December of 2020, at a DQ in Brainerd, Minnesota, a man paid more than $50 for the order in a van behind him in line that was filled with children. That act of kindness began a string of 900 straight cars that did the same before the streak ended after 2 1/2 days.

Boo! I was told at Hardee’s in Asheboro that the raisin biscuit is likely not returning. What? When I was younger, I often stopped for hash browns and raisin biscuits on my way to work. (There’s a reason I have this great figure.) I don’t sign petitions, but I’ll make an exception this once if someone gets one up to send to the corporate office of Hardee’s.

Yay! For a … Texas Twinkie? It’s always fun to come across foods you’ve never heard of before. This one is at a new restaurant on US 64 West heading toward Lexington called Route 64. A Texas Twinkie is a jalapeño stuffed with brisket and cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. Unlike its namesake Twinkie, however, which always seems to outlive people in apocalyptic movies, this Twinkie isn’t going to be on your plate for more than a few minutes.

Wah! Dixie III is closing on Dixie Drive? OK, looks like I may need a third category. I mean, you can’t boo business owners for retiring, can you? When it’s time to retire or just get out of something, it’s just time. Dixie III served us well for decades. We sure are going to miss those meat and three sides meals, but, most importantly, where the heck am I going to get my fried squash now? Going forward, it will be interesting to see which restaurant all those Dixie III regulars will turn to next.

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