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Mayor David Smith opens the 29th Annual Mayor's Prayer Breakfast last Thursday.   Eric Abernathy / Randolph Hub

Full house for Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

Asheboro Mayor David Smith welcomed a full house at the 29th Annual Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast in Asheboro at the AVS Banquet Centre on Thursday. 


The breakfast is annually observed on the first Thursday in May. 


The guest speaker was Rusty LaRue, a former Wake Forest basketball player and quarterback, a former NBA player with the Chicago Bulls and CEO of Dairio’s. LaRue talked about meeting his future wife, up-and-down moments throughout his college and pro careers, his rise with Dairio’s and key moments on his faith journey throughout his life. 


You can watch the full ceremony, including LaRue’s complete talk, on the Asheboro Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Facebook page.